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if you look at the snack cake category, everyone's kind of doing the same thing (except for drake's. they really lean into their duck thing. love that for them). beautiful, indulgent shots paired with copy saying their snack cakes are the key to happiness. we stood out in the category by actually making our audience happy. we tapped into the weird, niche memes of the internet and we weren't afraid of not looking appetizing 24/7. we're snack cakes. we just want to make people smile.


so i would concept a month's worth of content, get the content approved internally, pitch it to the client, and then when the client approved it, an art director would build the posts out.


the president of hostess liked this one so much he got it framed and it's hanging on the walls at hostess hq.

agency: Tattoo Projects

creative director: Buffy McCoy Kelly

art director: Kenny Duncan 

copywriter: me

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